Special Economic Zones an engine to stimulate growth

0624 南非:经济特区是刺激增长的引擎.jpg

Covid-19 has become a pandemic that has reverberated across the globe. Its associated detrimental impact on economies has been felt far and wide, with serious disruptions in global value-chains and international trade being evidenced on a daily basis.


The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic) has also decided to channel some of its programmes towards responding to the Covid-19 crisis. Key among these is the use of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) to stimulate industrialisation in the country.


The SEZ Programme has been prioritised as one of the instruments used by the government to attract foreign direct and domestic investments, integrate local firms into global value chains, increase exports, develop local industrial capabilities, accelerate the beneficiation of natural resource endowments, accelerate the development of the country’s lagging regions and create decent jobs.