Dafza registers 54% rise in exports during the first quarter of 2020

The Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (Dafza) recorded a 54 per cent increase in general exports during the first quarter of 2020, with China being its biggest trade partner, the operator of the free zone said.


China accounted for 21 per cent of Dafza's trade at Dh7.7 billion, followed by India with 16.6 per cent of trade at Dh6.1bn and Switzerland with 14 per cent at Dh5.1bn.


"These results highlight Dafza's strategic agility and ability to adapt to secure long-term returns on investment," Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman of Dafza, said. “The free zone's capability to control the impact of the current pandemic has led Dafza to sustain growth and flow of foreign direct investment during the recession and economic recovery stage.”


The free zone also witnessed a large trade surplus with goods from various industries amounting to Dh3.1bn during the period. Machinery and electrical equipment constituted the bulk of all imports at a value of Dh9.9bn. This was followed by the pearls, semi-precious stones and metals sector, which accounted for 34.5 per cent of total imports, at a value of Dh5.8bn.