Business Is Booming At Technopolis Moscow

Companies based in Technopolis Moscow and its special economic zone have continued to thrive over the last year, with an increase in exports and investments and significant growth in jobs.


According to recent figures, high tech exports from the technopolis increased 32% in 2019, the majority in the microelectronics sector. They are now exporting to 26 countries, primarily China, Kazakhstan, Germany, Belarus and Switzerland, as well as supplying optical elements to Bulgaria, Mongolia, Japan, Mauritius and educational kits to Azerbaijan and Israel.


According to Gennady Degtev, CEO of Technopolis Moscow, the increase in export volumes is significantly facilitated by the benefits available to residents of the Technopolis.


“In SEZ Technopolis Moscow there are no customs duties and taxes on import of equipment and materials, which are then used in the production of goods exported abroad. Also, the operating scientific and innovative post of Moscow customs at SEZ Technopolis Moscow simplifies customs procedures. Last year, for the first time, educational kits for studying physics, chemistry, biology and the surrounding world were exported from the capital's SEZ to Azerbaijan, Israel and Kazakhstan for a total of 1.18 million Rubles”, he pointed out.


Technopolis Moscow also entered the top three among Russia’s 26 special economic zones in terms of the number of new jobs last year, according to data published by the Ministry of Economic Development.


Almost 6,500 jobs have been created since the park was founded in 2006, with 814 new jobs created by residents and companies of Technopolis in 2019, significantly exceeding the target, and accounting for 19% of the total number of new jobs created by all technology-innovative special economic zones of Russia.


And the Technopolis plans to increase its economic potential: by the end of 2020, another 19 thousand square meters of production space will be available for innovative and tech based companies. SEZ Technopolis Moscow includes five sites (Technopolis Moscow in Pechatniki, Alabushevo, Mikron, Angstrom, MIET) with a total area of 206.8 ha. including both greenfield and brownfield sites. It is home to more than 150 high-tech companies.