The evolution of International Trade: Insights from Recent Incidents

There are dynamic changes of the world in 2018:

- The British government is seeking to create a free trade area with the European Union (EU);

- The EU and Japan have signed a trade deal which will create a free trade zone covering 600 million people and nearly a third of Global GDP;

- China President Xi announced the development of the free trade port in Hainan province.

The free zone model becomes strategical essential and trends in globalisation.  World Free Zones Organisation (World FZO) is creating a global platform to connect with the worldwide free zones community.  From October 29-31, 2018, the World Free Zone (Hengqin) Summit is held in Zhuhai, China.

The Summit is a unique gathering for free zones players to share their experience, to learn the free zone management & operation, to get the inspiration from professionals and networking. And the most critical issue is that now you have the opportunity to visit the free trade zones in China personally.  The organiser arranges a field trip to visit China’s FZ called “China FZ Investigation”.

Seeing is believing — you can witness the development progress, future planning and learning their successful experience from China FZ.  The trip is an excellent chance for you to take a close look at China FZs and to network with your travelling peers.

About Zhuhai

Zhuhai is in the southwest of the Pearl River estuary in Guangdong Province, with Hong Kong in the east and Macao in the south. It is a key point of the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road. As one of China’s first special economic zones, the city has always prioritized ecological development, boasting one of the best environments in China.


Transportation between Zhuhai and Guangzhou / Hong Kong


Zhuhai Fishing Girl

Local lands have been reasonably developed, low-end industry is kept in check, and the population count is nicely balanced with its overall quality of living. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the world’s longest cross-sea span and the first of its kind in China, makes Zhuhai the only mainland city to directly connect Hong Kong and Macao by roadway.

Ever since the Hengqin FTZ (Free Trade Zone) came into operation in 2015, the city has played an increasingly important role in China’s Belt & Road Initiative. It has cooperated with Macao to build a world-class tourism and leisure center and China-Portugal economic and trade cooperation platform. Economic and trade relations with Latin American countries have also been continuously strengthened through diversification and the furthering of secure access to the outside world.


Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

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