China FTZ Investigation

Exploring China's 1st, 2nd and 3rd batch of FTZ, coastal free trade areas and inland FTZs.

The field trip provides the first hand information of the achievements of China FTZ, promoting exchanges and cooperation between international FTZs, enterprises and FTZs in China.

The journey includes:

• Opportunities to visit different China FTZs personally

• Docking meetings with local FTZs

• On-site visit to leading enterprises operating in the FTZs

• Exclusive Information of major FTZs & Enterprises

• Social dinner

• Visiting famous local attractions

• Supporting services, including accommodation, transportation

• Accompanied by CN-EN tourist guides

* The price of summit ticket does not include the fee of field trip.


Route 1: Learn the Free Trade Zones Development in China 

(Tianjin-Shanghai November 1-3)

Shanghai FTZ is the first FTZ established in China, while Tianjin FTZ is the fi rst in northern China. Though year of development, 

Shanghai FTZ becomes an international financial and business hub, in which showcase the high-level economic development of 

China. Tianjin, next to the capital Beijing, serves as an essential window for worldwide entrepreneurs to learn the latest events of 

China and experience in-deep China’s opening-up strategy.


Tianjin FTZ:

Its strategic positioning will be linked to the coordinated development of Beijing, tianjin and hebei, with emphasis on the development of finance lease, high-end manufacturing and modern service industries.

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Shanghai FTZ

The first free trade zone in China, focus on developing international trade, financial services, shipping services, professional services and high-end manufacturing.

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Route 2: Learn the Free Trade Zones Development in China 

(Haikou-Xiamen-Xi'an October 31-November 4)

Participators of this routes can taste different China FTZ in one time: Xi’an FTZ is a crucial inland hub; Xiamen FTZ located in 

costal Fujian province, which is the exchange platform between Taiwan and Mainland China; Hainan FTZ is the newly announced 

Free Trade Port of the country, in which will implement the latest FTZ policies with Chinese characteristics. 


Xi’an FTZ

Focus on developing international trade, modern logistics, financial services, tourism exhibition, e-commerce and other industries.  It is an inland hub port.

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Xiamen FTZ

Pilot areas for cooperation in emerging industries and modern services, international shipping centers in the southeast, regional financial services and trade centers on Taiwan and mainland.

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Haikou FTZ

Haikou will be the first free trade port in China mainland with Chinese characteristics.

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