Drago Napotnik-World Free Zone (Zhengzhou) Summit

Drago Napotnik

Country Director

China and SE Asia, Conway, Inc.

Drago Napotnik – Profile

Drago Napotnik recently working as a Country Representative in China for Conway Inc., Atlanta. He is the CEO of Shanghai TTIS Business Consulting Co., Ltd as well. Drago Napotnik is a world respected expert in cross-border investment. He is involved in many different international business and commercial projects, especially in facilitating FDI in China, sales/marketing, business- & product- development and branding. With more than 25 years of experience, Drago has helped the development of companies, placing their investments or relocating their investment capacities, and increased their sales in a variety of industries worldwide. He has also consulted for dozens of government economic development agencies in China and helping them position themselves to attract domestic and foreign corporate investment.