Traffic Information


To Zhuhai city:

a.     From Macau airport

        By Bus: Route AP1/Route APX/ Route 51 

        From Macau airport to Guanzha Bus Station. It will take 30mins.

        By Taxi: 10km. It will take 20mins.

        More Information about Macau airport, please click here

b.      From Hongkong airport

         By Ferry: Hongkong airport ferry port → Zhuhai Jiuzhou ferry port (70 mins )

         More information about Hong Kong airport, please click here.

c.      From Guangzhou airport

         By Intra City Buses: Airport shuttle bus → Gongbei Bus Station ( 180mins) -> then take taxi (10 mins) to Zhuhai Marriott. 

         More information about airport intra city bus, please click here.

d.      From Shenzhen airport

         By Intra City Buses:  Airport shuttle bus → Gongbei Bus Station ( 120mins ) -> Then take taxi (10 mins) to Zhuhai Marriott.

         More information about SZ airport, please click here.

To Crowne Plaza Zhuhai City Center:


 a.     Zhuhai airport to Crowne Plaza  

         By Taxi:  Zhuhai Airport → Crowne Plaza (45 kilometers / 45 mins)  

         By Airport Shuttle Bus: Zhuhai Airport → Zhuhai Railway Station (43km / 65 mins) .  Then take taxi to Crowne Plaza (6km / 15 mins)

 b.     Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port to Crowne Plaza

         By Taxi: Jiuzhou Port  → Crowne Plaza (3.5 km /10mins)  

 c.     Zhuhai Railway Station of CRH to Crowne Plaza

         By Taxi: Zhuhai Railway Station → Crowne Plaza (6 kilometers / 15 mins) 
 d.     Zhuhai Gongbei Port to Crowne Plaza  

         By Taxi:  Gongbei →Crowne Plaza (6 kilometers / 15 mins)   
 e.     Zhuhai Hengqin Port to Crowne Plaza

         By Taxi:  Hengqin Port →Crowne Plaza (22 kilometers / 38 mins)