Special Economic Zone of Sirjan (IRAN)


The special economic zone of Sirjan (hereinafter refers as Sirjan SEC) was founded in 1991 which supports economic activities and the establishment of international trade relations and mobility in the regional economy on an area of 1376 hectares. Other goals of Sirjan SEC include the production and processing of goods, technology transfer, the development of non-oil exports, the creation of productive employment, and the attraction & encouragement of domestic and foreign investment, re-export, foreign transit, and transit of goods (trunk). Because of a 24 MW power plant and a full supply of gas in Sirjan SEC, it is a suitable location for the electronics and energy industries. For example, LG has built a factory in this region among other electronics factories in this zone which produce refrigerators, package of vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, etc.

The establishment of Sirjan SEC is on the northern margin of the city of Sirjan which near the airport and railway station connected with Bandar Abbas-Tehran. The Sirjan SEC provides the infrastructure required for investment, along with easy access to skilled workers. These skilled and semi-skilled manpower provides production capital for the industrial units which engaged in commercial and warehousing activities. The annual production of the region is worth more than $ 400 million within 30 active industrial units which shows its comparative advantage in production. At present, about 2,200 people are working in the special economic zone of Sirjan, it is an indicative of the success of this complex. The law on the formation and administration of special economic zones of the country and its implementing regulations has provided special benefits which encourage investors to be present in the region, which will ensure the operation realization of the provisions will accept the greater contribution of these areas to the national economy. 


Responsible Organization: Kerman Development Organization

Moderator: Sirjan Civil Development Co.

Phone: +98 3442383000 and +98 3442382211

Fax: +98 3442382222

Website: www.ssez.ir

Email: info@ssez.ir

A) Infrastructure States :



B) Features:

Guest house: capacity of 10 rooms. Includes 6 single bed rooms - 2 double rooms - 2 suites (supervised by the private sector)

Restaurant: The reception capacity of the guest is about 400 people

Swimming pool  - Playground: Natural grass - Tennis court - Green space: about 30 hectares

Police: 26 personnel- Refrigerator: 10,000 square meters with a capacity of 5,000 tons

Residential section- Taxi service - Internet coverage- Customs located in the area

Standard  Bureau of the District- proximity to the Sirjan terminal

C) Warehouses and Service Centers


1.Area of warehouses:

Private warehouse owned by the private sector: 60 units with an indoor area of 60,000 square meters. Covered area: 90000 square meters.

Public storage unit belonging to the region: 16 units to an indoor area of 48,000 square meters. Coverage of the area: 120000

2.Refrigerator freezer : 10 thousand square meters of land area, 3 thousand square meters of indoor, 5000 tons capacity

3.Independent fire station with 200 square meters of covered space.

4.Therapeutic unit, one person at the fire department.

5.Bank branches and insurance located in the region: Sepah Banks, Agriculture, Welfare, Trade, National, in the area with buildings that are active in national banks and trade. Social Insurance and Dana insurance agents operate in the region.

6.Economic units providing cultural sporting services.

An indoor swimming pool with an area of 2680 square meters; The football field has a total area of 12,000 square meters; Tennis ground with an area of 700 square meters; and a capital of three billion USD. 

7.The area of the special area is covered with fence and wall and most of the area is controlled by CCTV.

8.The area has two main gates, the north side door is specifically related to the entry and exit of all goods and the west side is related to the transport of personnel vehicles.

9.The comprehensive plan of the region has been drafted and approved by the board of directors.

10.The license is issued by the Custodian Organization (Kerman Development Organization) and is issued by the region in accordance with the Special Zone Law.

D) Rules and Target:


1.Trade exchanges of regions with abroad or with other special economic zones and free zones.

2.Commercial and industrial after registration in customs of customs duties, commercial profits, and all export duties is exempt.

3.Foreign participation in the activities of each region according to the law of encouragement and support for foreign investment.

4.Registration of companies or representative branches of companies that intend to operate in the region.

5.Participation of their domestic or foreign shares as well as registration of material and intellectual property in the region. Encouragement and Support of Foreign Investment.